Friday, May 15, 2009

Your weekly giving can increase!

Article after article reveals that some of our church in America are experiencing a drop in giving during this tough economic time. A few Pastors have shared that they are experiencing some feelings of despair as they seek to lead their people. Vision requires money. Can your church still grow and increase in vision and ministry during this time in our nation.


Example #1 - a small new Texas church trying to get in position to build their first building just finished the intensive part of their Capital campaign. The results in budget given are incredible. A new staff member has already been hired as giving has increased over 50% as a result of the campaign. The giving to the campaign is above this number is setting a record.

Example #2 - a church in Minnesota that needed to lower it's debt experienced a 25% increase in giving as a result of their intensive time of the Capital Campaign. In fact, they raised one time their annual budget with no other motivation than to pay off debt. And to top that off, over $50,000 has already been given in the first month. The church runs less than 200 on the average Sunday.

Example #3 - a large Oklahoma church in it's first year to lower debt has already seen given to it's campaign over $600,000 in it's first six months. Again, debt was the only motivation.

These three are just a sampling.

God is blessing in huge ways. Are you wrestling with a decision on vision and stewardship. We can help. Let us know how we might be able to partner with you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

God works even in BAD economy

As the Spring campaigns are winding down Eklund Stewardship is seeing some wonderful works of God. All of our campaigns have met their goals and many have exceeded them. To God be the glory. One of the key points in all of this is that we did not lower expectations due to the economy. Not at all.

God works regardless of how a nation or even the world is doing. He is not bound to economy. His economy is full and always abounding. Pastors are telling us that spiritual awakening is really taking place among their people and the excitement for the things of God are building like never before.

Our Fall schedules are beginning to max out. Surely people are sensing the need for churches to move forward. Let us know how we can partner with you and your people.