Thursday, November 12, 2009

2010 Budget - Up or Down?

Most churches have completed or are in the process of completing their 2010 Budgets. There is no doubt that many leaders are trying to discover how to handle the economic situation of our day and the needs of ministry in the budgeting process. What some may miss is the simple truth that God is not bound by tough economic times. In fact, He thrives in them when His truth is taught.

Eklund Stewardship is seeing some of the greatest days of tithing and giving resulting from the teaching of God's Word on money. Look at these examples:

  • A Baptist church in a rural town that has been hit hard with layoffs and cutbacks in employee pay has just committed over $1 million to a building campaign while seeing their weekly giving increase by over 12%.
  • A Methodist church in another rural community that has 200 attendees (mainly Senior Adults) has just committed to an increase in their 2010 Budget of over $10,000 while committing to give over $450,000 to a relocation (their 3RD back to back campaign).
  • A Baptist church in Tennessee is experiencing a $30,000 increase in 2009 giving compared to 2008 levels.

God honors the teaching and living out of His Word. This is true of Stewardship as it is in faith and love. The One Month to Live study and book written by Kerry Shook get s it right when he writes:

"If I am connected to my Creator with constant conversation and constant confession, then He'll give me the power and the self-control I need"

Truly our people need to hear truth from us and they need to hear it without fear. They need to be reminded and taught about self control and obedience in the disciplines that produce fruit in their lives.

God works regardless of the economic storms of man. In fact, He works through them.