Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Great Stewardship Question

As I travel around the country and meet Pastors and people from all walks of life I am asked this one question more than any; "how can I help my people be better Stewards?". It is a great question. Many books have been written about this subject and for sure many more are coming. I might even write one or two of those.

There is a short answer that works. This answer does not require a book. In fact, this answer is one that just simply needs to be repeated over and over again. The answer is found in the form of a question.

We should be asking, "Do we really need it?"

Simple isn't it? This one question can change many a bad expenditure. It can alter spending habits at the core of the issue. Do we need our wants? Are our wants really needed? As you teach your people and lead them in developing a lifestyle of stewardship - start here! This is the first step in discovering the seemingly secret to financial peace which leads to security and missional stewardship for each one of us.

Rather than living a life full of buyers remorse we could actually be making good daily decisions that lead to opportunities to bless others beyond our wildest dreams. Before you buy ask the question. When you encourage your people in the discipline of stewardship, ask the question. Most of us have far too many things we honestly do not need.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Coach Led Approach to Capital Campaigns

Several churches have voiced a need for an approach to Capital Fund Campaigns that is different from consultant led and more helpful than "do it yourself" models. After much prayer and thinking through the process we are thrilled to announce the new Coach Led offering.

It is common knowledge that churches raise much less than possible when they attempt to approach a campaign "in house". We also know that bringing in a Consultant is not always the way a church desires to go for various reasons. Our new Coach Led approach meets these two issues head on. People will often make short cuts in the process when left to follow a "how to" approach on their own. Often groups will charge extra fees to come in and clean up a situation that is not going the path desired causing headache and frustration to the church and leaders. Our Coach Led approach allows your church to avoid these costly errors and experience a process that guides you through your campaign without the expense of having a consultant on site.

If you need to raise money for debt relief or a building and yet find your leadership resisting the idea of bringing in a consultant, email or call us and let us explain the details of how a Coach Led campaign might be the solution to your situation.