Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coming Out of Summer

I know it is only July. Thoughts to August and the fall however will reap huge rewards if done now. Here are just a few things that hopefully will assist in your creativity:

1. Plan a "catch up" Sunday in September or October. If you do not send out Tithing Reports already, do so before this planned Sunday. Encourage people to evaluate their giving records in comparison to the amount that God asks.

2. Begin to promote the coming budget planning for 2011 in October. Share the highlights of 2010. Share vision related to the needs of 2011.

3. Have people share a testimony related to their giving and the fruit they have seen. These testimonies should be 3 to 4 min in length and focus on the fruit not on the person.

4. Do not hide from teaching Stewardship. Your people need to be stewards. Your ministry needs for more stewards to be developed.

Take some time this summer to plan for a smart fall. It will "pay off" in your budget planning and promotion and it will reap huge benefits in the giving of your people!

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